About Baby Bella Style

Bella Kids / Baby Bella , is clothes brand for kids, babies and toddlers designed and produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The brands is currently designing and creating it´s own t-shirts, shorts, pants, singlets, rompers, bodies, jumpsuits, hoodies skirts, shirts, dresses, straw hats and much more to come.

Bella Kids / Baby Bella aim to be know for it´s good quality, comfortable materials & fabrics combined with style.

All the fabrics are handpicked, models and sizes are tested and redesigned if need to be comfortable to wear and give the freedom of movement. 

Our inspiration comes naturally from the beautiful nature and surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. 

We are also influenced and inspired by fashions and style from countries and parts of the world like the US, Australia and Europe 

Our main market is Brazil, but we are always looking for new partners and wholesalers around the world!
Don´t hesitate to contact us!
In Bella Kids / Baby Bella,  we speak and write in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Best regards, team Baby Bella Style / Bella Kids
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